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Start Fast and Go Far

Unlock over $60,000NZD in additional bonus potential over 12 months with the purchase of a Fast Start Pack.

Fast Start Benefits

  • Unlock additional bonus potential
  • Purchase 4Life's science-backed, award-winning products
  • Save on 4Life's best-selling products
  • Earn bonuses with every new rank and level you achieve
Start sharing and earn more!

12 Months to Unlock Your Bonus Potential

Earn the following Fast Start Bonuses every month you advance in rank.

Double Builder Bonus

Who said double dipping was a bad thing?

As a Fast Start participant, within your first 12 months, you’re eligible to earn the Double Builder Bonus. Achieve a new level and receive DOUBLE the earnings—up to $3,360NZD.

Total potential earnings: $67,760NZD

Fast Start Bonus: $64,400NZD

Double Builder Bonus: $3,360NZD

  • What is the Fast Start program?
    4Life Fast Start is a bonus program for new Preferred Customers and Affiliates who sign up on or after September 1, 2023 who are looking to start fast and go far. Participants are eligible to earn over $60,000 in additional bonuses during their first 12 months when they sign up and purchase a Best Seller, Core, or Professional Fast Start Pack during the qualification period.
  • When is the qualification period?
    The Fast Start qualification period begins September 1, 2023. Participants have 12 full months, which means the remaining days in their month of signup, plus the following 12 consecutive months, to qualify for Fast Start and Double Builder Bonuses.
  • Is the program open to existing Affiliates?
    Existing Preferred Customers and Affiliates who signed up with 4Life before September 1, 2023 can not join the Fast Start program, but they can still benefit when their team members join the Fast Start program and share 4Life with others.
  • What bonuses can I earn for advancing in rank or achieving new levels?
  • What if I advance more than one rank in one month? How will my Fast Start Bonuses be calculated?
    When a new Preferred Customer becomes an Affiliate and advances more than one rank in a month’s time, they earn all related Fast Start Bonuses; bonuses are cumulative.
  • What if I achieve more than one Double Builder Bonus level in one month?
    An Affiliate can only earn one Double Builder Bonus in a given month, and the highest amount will be paid. Double Builder Bonuses are not cumulative.
  • When will Fast Start Bonuses be paid?
    After qualifying for a new rank or level, Fast Start and Double Builder Bonuses are paid by the 7th of the following month.
  • What if I signed up and only paid the 4Life Preferred Customer membership fee and still have not yet placed an LP order?
    You can join the Fast Start program by placing a first LP order with a Best Seller, Core, or Professional Fast Start Pack or with a first LP order of 400 LP or more.
  • What if I signed up for 4Life with a first LP order of less than 400 LP?
    You can still join the program. You can participate by purchasing a Best Seller, Core, or Professional Fast Start Pack within your first two months in 4Life.
  • If I join the program at a later date with the purchase of a Fast Start Pack, when does my 12-month earning period begin?
    Your 12-month earning period begins the month of signup.
† Less than 1% of 4Life Affiliates reach the rank of Gold or higher. For more information on median Affiliate earnings, please see our Income Disclosure.
**The Fast Start program is available to all markets and Emerging Markets, excluding Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, and Japan. For additional information and program rules, please see the Fast Start Terms and Conditions.