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4Life Fast Start Packs

What’s so special about our product packs? Simple. Two things. First and most importantly, 4Life’s team of experts designed the packs with products to give you a strong foundation of immune health coverage, saving you a lot of time—we’ve already done the research for you! Second, you’ll save money; product packs come with an automatic cost savings versus if you were to buy the same products individually.*

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The best way to get started with 4Life is by signing up as a Preferred Customer with one of our expertly curated Fast Start Packs.

We Care about Your Immune Health

Immune health at the top of your mind? We get it. What products should you take? How frequently should you take them? What company should you trust with your health goals? These are all questions you have a right to ask.*

With a growing list of patents, peer-reviewed studies, and award-winning products to its name, 4Life (Do Life Differently®) makes it easy for anyone to benefit instantly from decades of immune health research and expertise. We have everything you’d expect from THE Immune Health Company—products to boost and balance your immune health and products to address your targeted health needs. What’s more . . . we have something no other company can offer: 4Life Transfer Factor®!*

The 3 Rs: Recognize, Respond, and Remember

4Life Transfer Factors are education and communication molecules that help your immune cells quickly identify (or recognize) potential health threats, speed up your immune health’s response, and help your immune health remember the makeup of specific threats to handle them more quickly in the future.*

Take greater control of your immune health and feel confident knowing you’ve put your trust in THE Immune Health Company!*