4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost

A powerful immune boost, when you need it most*

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Boost your immune health*

Transfer Factor Immune Boost offers the highest dose of 4Life Transfer Factor in any 4Life product (1,000 mg), 1,000 mg of vitamin C from four sources, zinc, high-potency vitamin D, and more to provide wide-spectrum immune health defense and antioxidant support, replenish lost electrolytes, and promote healthy cellular aging. That’s a big boost!*

4Life Transfer Factor is clinically proven to start the activation process for your immune health within 2 hours.*1

Improve your immune health's response*

Under physical and mental stress? Need a boost of Transfer Factor molecules, vitamins, and minerals to jump start your immune health? This product is made for you! Adults can take Transfer Factor Immune Boost daily for high-potency immune health support as needed.*

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In 2023, 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost won the Titan Product of the Year Award. This is just one more reason to love 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost! Try this award-winning product today!

Other Key Features and Benefits

Supports your immune health response*

Replenishes important electrolytes vital to wellness while promoting adequate hydration*

Contains more vitamin C per serving than 10 oranges*

Provides powerful antioxidant protection to maintain good health*

Here at 4Life, we are experts in strengthening your immune health. Using this expertise, we’ve combined some of the best ingredients to naturally boost your immune health when you need it most.*

4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost provides vitamins and minerals in a convenient, portable, delicious powder pack to give you a boost when you need it most, wherever you are!*

Mix, fizz, and drink

Simply mix in 6 oz or more of water, let fizz, drink, and experience an amazing boost in comprehensive health and wellness.*

4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost is naturally sweetened and flavored, and is gluten free.

This powerful immune boosting product provides 5 single servings intended to be taken for 5 consecutive days for maximum benefit.

Immune−boosting ingredients*

Vitamin C

VItamin C does a lot in your body, especially for your immune health, and it provides numerous benefits. Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant, improves your immune health, and is involved in the synthesis of collagen.*


Zinc provides a lot of benefits, especially for your immune health. Zinc is essential for the development, growth, and function of three different types of immune health cells.*


Electrolytes are important for rehydration, especially during physical activity.*

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an immune health vitamin powerhouse! It is essential for immune health and it supports bone health, too. Each serving of Immune Boost contains 250% of your Daily Value for vitamin D!*

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is also an important immune health vitamin. It is essential for blood clotting, kidney function, and bone health. The version of K2 in our formula is very bioavailable, meaning it is easy for your body to use.*

4Life Transfer Factor Blend

This boosting blend educates and enhances your immune health. 4Life Transfer Factor is clinically proven to activate your immune health within 2 hours.*†

How Does Transfer Factor Immune Boost Compare to the Leading Brand?

Activate your immune system now!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost?
    Immune Boost provides fast-acting power for your immune health. Immune Boost provides the highest amount of 4Life Transfer Factor per serving than any other product: 1,000 mg. Immune Boost also contains zinc, high amounts of vitamin C, and high-potency vitamin D, making this a great go-to product when your immune health needs a boost.*
  • What is 4life Transfer Factor and how does it work?
    4Life Transfer Factor is 4Life’s proprietary blend of immune education molecules derived from cow colostrum and egg yolks to help your immune health more quickly recognize, respond to, and remember potential health threats. The 1000mg of 4Life Transfer Factor in this product has been clinically proven to activate your immune health within 2 hours.
  • Who can take 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost?
    Immune Boost is formulated for adults 18 and older.
  • How do I take 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost?
    Mix one packet with 6 oz of water, let fizz, and enjoy. During specific times of need, take one packet per day for 5 days.
  • What are the main active ingredients in 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost?
    The main ingredients in Immune Boost are 4Life Transfer Factor, vitamin C, vitamin D, zinc, vitamin B6, riboflavin, and vitamin K2.*
  • Has 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost been researched?
    Yes! Immune Boost has been clinically researched in an all-human study.
  • Where can I find information about 4Life Transfer Factor, which is found in Immune Boost?
    Check out our publications and research page for peer-reviewed publications, third-party studies, and in-house studies for many of our popular products, including Immune Boost.
  • Why is Vitamin D important for my immune health?
    Vitamin D is important for your innate immunity (an immediate response to health threats) and your adaptive immunity (a more delayed and specific response to health threats).*
  • How often can I take 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost?
    Take no more than two stick packs in one day.
  • Sometimes when I mix 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost, some of the powder stays floating on the top. Why is that?
    That is the OvoFactor, the 4Life Transfer Factor we source from chicken egg yolks. OvoFactor is less water soluble than the other ingredients, so it takes a little extra mixing to dissolve. This is normal, and you can still drink it without any further mixing, or you can mix your Immune Boost a little more to fully dissolve the OvoFactor.
  • Is 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost naturally flavored and sweetened?
    Yes! Immune Boost is flavored with natural orange flavors and natural sweeteners like monk fruit, stevia, and sugar.
  • What does “light effervescent” mean?
    4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost contains a small amount of sodium bicarbonate. This provides a light “fizz” or effervescence while mixing the powder in water.
  • Is 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost Gluten free?
  • How many calories per stick pack (one serving)?
    There are 15 calories per stick pack.
  • Why is getting 1,000 mg of 4Life Transfer Factor important?
    4Life Transfer Factor has been clinically proven to activate your immune health within 2 hours. Supporting your immune health is especially important during times of duress.*
  • What other ingredients are contained in Immune Boost?
    Immune Boost supports your immune health with a blend of powerful ingredients like 4Life Transfer Factor, vitamin C, and other vitamins and minerals.*
  • Can I take 4Life Transfer Factor Immune Boost continuously to support my immune health?
    Yes! If you need an extra boost, we recommend taking it for five consecutive days, but you can drink this for over five days in a row. It’s so delicious that you may have a hard time stopping!*
†Andersen, Vieira-Brock, Vaughan, Vollmer Method development for the analysis of PBMC-mediated killing of K562 cells by bovine colostrum. Journal of Immunological Methods 499 (2021) 113175
†Vetvicka V, Vetvickova J (2019) J Nutr Health Sci 6(3): 301
†Vetvicka V, Fernandez-Botran R (2020) Int Clin Pathol J. 8(1):1
1Clinical study on the rapid immune modulating effects of 600 mg of 4Life Transfer Factor Blend compared to placebo. G. Jensen, NIS Labs Report 058-006.*